Kendall Smith-Sullivan is a Social Scientist by training, Educator at heart & Real Estate Consumer Advocate.

Kendall and her husband also own a real estate firm based on a business model unlike any other. They serve only 10 Clients* at a time, specialize in "high-stress moves," and include premium personalized  services.


Their specialties include:

*   Assisting Families with  Special Needs Children/Family Members

*   Reducing the Emotional & Financial Stresses of Moving 

*   Moving Elderly Parents/Grandparents

*   Creating a De-Cluttering/Organizing Strategy 

*   Designing a Personalized Action Plan for the Home Sale and Move 

*   Helping Home Owners Who Live Out of State 

*   Assisting  Relocating Families – Atlanta  Inbound or OutBound 

*   Coordinating Timing of a Simultaneous Home Sale and Purchase 

They address Clients' unique financial concerns and emotional  stresses related to the sale AND move.  For more information visit

Kendall is also the Author of this Blog and a few books. She is finishing her 4th book based on scientific proof that language has immense power to transform our lives and society. For more information about her writing visit her Author page at 


This site combines Kendall's diverse passions in one convenient place in cyber space. Thanks for dropping by!

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Disclaimer:  This  website is for educational purposes only, not to provide specific real estate, financial, or legal advice. By reading this you understand that there is no real estate agent client relationship between you and the author. The information or opinions expressed are those solely of the author and not PalmerHouse Properties or any other organization or affiliation of the author’s currently, or in the future.

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