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Strike 3 for the traditional real estate industry's "business as usual" antics. The people are speaking loud and clear. Ironically, this article is brought to you from the National Association of Realtors online magazine:

"Jorge Valdes from Tustin, Calif., has filed a complaint against Coldwell Banker Real Estate and NRT asking the court to stop the companies from directing its real estate professionals to call consumers without their consent, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit alleges the defendants are making unsolicited, automatically dialed calls to consumers that go against the Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry.
...Valdes also alleges that the companies are instructing real estate professionals to make unsolicited cold calls to obtain new listings and that the companies provide agents with telephone numbers and other analytics to identify leads as well as scripts to guide the conversations. The lawsuit questions the technology services that are helping real estate professionals gain numbers to call."
Valdes says in the complaint that he received unwanted autodialed calls from three different Coldwell Banker and NRT real estate professionals to his cell phone, which is registered on the Do Not Call list. Valdes had a property listed on the MLS in 2018 with a real estate professional, but the listing was removed after his home did not sell. He says his cell phone number was never associated with any of the publicly listed information about the property.
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